The history of Emicela began in a small stand in the Central Market of Las Palmas. This initiative was taken by Emiliano Arencibia Rivero, a man from Teror with a special business instinct and a peculiar intelligence common of the people raised between mountains. Thereafter, in 1963 he bought a coffee roaster machine in the neighbourhood of Schamann in Las Palmas. With this achievement the brand Emicela was born.

The name Emicela comes from the union of Emiliano and Araceli (Cela, as she was referred to by her relatives and friends, wife of Mr. Emiliano). Throughout the history of this organisation Maria Araceli Hernandez was actively involved with his husband in the formation of the enterprise.

Emicela started as a dream of two entrepreneurs originally from Teror and has resulted in the flourishment of a big multinational industrial company which is located in Cape Verde, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Spain.

Emiliano Arencibia Rivero 1963