In Emicela we have invested for the expansion of our production and distribution capabilities beyond the frontiers of the Canary Islands since 1963. We have owned production activities out of the Spanish frontier, in particular, in Cape Verde we are producing ice creams, juices and coffee. Moreover, thanks to our positioning across the world we have developed significant knowledge about exports procedures and taxation policies.

Throughout our trips to different spheres of the world, the participation in commercial missions, and the attendance to international fairs for over 30 years now we have developed key relations in order to permit the functioning of our productive activity. Emicela is represented in several international congregations such as the HOSTELCO y ALIMENTARIA BARCELONA, y HOREQ MADRID in Spain; PSI DÜSSELDORF and ISM COLOGNE in Germany; the FIC and EXPOTURISMO in Cape Verde; or XPHOTEL CANCUN in Mexico.

Our fleet