Policies of the System of Emicela, S.A.

We intend to maintain the leadership in our sector basing our growth on the management of Quality and Safety of our products, respecting the Environment and Sustainability with a search for the development and optimization of the resources of the company. We are convinced to maintain an ethical and laboral responsibility worrying about the welfare of our employees. The commitment in the pursuit of satisfaction of our customers is a fundamental principle. The Chief Executive Table is committed to continuously provide the necessary resources and investments to guarantee the safety and innocuousness of food in accordance with the legality and quality. The commitments acquired with the customer and the specifications of the products are key in order to comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 and IFS Food V6 standards, we will assume as our own legal, regulatory and contractual requirements ensuring compliance and translating them to suppliers and collaborators in an effective, complete and timely manner. The commitments that we voluntarily acquire will be respected by all of us.


We will seek to satisfy the expectations of our customers and shareholders; such as the kindness in the service, the agility in the negotiations, and a fluid communication with the client. We will offer you all the necessary information, putting all our effort into it. We will adapt our processes to the needs of our clients, developing our way of working through continuous improvement and evaluations, to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


We will take our customers as our focus, but also our suppliers on whom we depend, establishing a supplier management system, where the quality and safety standards are met according to the certifications and legal requirements. Emicela guarantees that its suppliers are in compliance to the following requirements:

  • Product safety: establishing, implementing and controlling safety criteria.
  • Quality: verifying the fulfilment of the requirements established by our clients, if there were specifically, as well as our own.
  • Legality: we will comply with the regulations at any given time, based on the continuous review of the regulations and external advice.


With our employees and collaborators we will encourage participation, training, consultation and open communication. We will base this on: taking decisions that are oriented towards the wellbeing of all the members within the company, thus, fomenting the integration and equality in our labour relations. All the departments will take into consideration every individual and group work through the debate and the contribution of ideas and solutions that improve quality, efficiency and participation, fostering unity as a sense of relationship and belonging to the company. The result and the objectives are reached when each one fulfils its tasks in each process, reducing time and costs. We are aware that each job adds value for the customer or the service, as well as ensures the safety of processed foods. Emicela promotes commitment to improving the living and working conditions of workers and their environment, which goes beyond what is established in the law and which makes the company more competitive. We will promote the continuous improvement of preventive behaviour and the protection of our workers, we will actively work to reduce accidents, we will monitor the safety and integrity, health and well-being of those who work with us. Our responsibility to society implies respecting the declaration of human rights in our activities inside and outside Spanish territory; work actively against corruption and bribery; act with transparency in our processes and provide adequate information to consumers; collaborate with local entities and non-profit organizations in our community. We will provide our collaborators with the necessary resources to comply with this policy and the objectives that we set in relation to it.


We will respect the environment, preventing pollution and controlling all aspects of our activities that may have a negative impact on the environment, especially those that affect the quality of water, soil and air. We will protect the nearby natural environment and conserve natural resources, putting our effort to reduce our consumption, reutilise, recycle and seek to implement sustainable innovations which can place our business in a more ethical relationship with nature.


The organization is directed by objectives, the achievement of them reinforces the leadership of the managers and executives, therefore the process of setting objectives is participatory in order to make a correct analysis and involve the workers in their achievement.


We assume the commitment to keep communication and information channels open with our customers, employees, suppliers, public entities, universities, NGOs and society in general, Emicela ensures the effectiveness and proper treatment of our communications.


The great strength of knowledge and wisdom lies in the skills and training of our managers and expert workers. Therefore, we direct our efforts in the constant improvement of the professional training of our personnel.


The Policy of Quality, Safety and Food Safety is reviewed for the evaluation and adaptation of the same at least annually, communicating and disseminating to the entire organization through the means contemplated in the communication procedure of EMICELA.
The board of directors ensures that the quality policy is understood, carried on and continuously adapting to the given scenario.