Rainforest certified alliance

The products that exhibit the seal Rainforest Alliance certified come from coffee plantations that are managed in accordance with rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria designed to conserve wildlife, protect soils and waterways, ensure the welfare of workers, their families and local communities, and improve livelihoods for achieve true long-term sustainability.

The sustainable farms with which Emicela, S.A. works, are regularly audited by members of the certification team or one of the international partners in the Sustainable Agriculture Network (RAS). These visits, along with occasional surprise audits, ensure that producers comply with the comprehensive guidelines of the SAN and work on continuous improvement. The farms that have obtained the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal take steps to:

  • Maintain or increase forest cover.

  • Conserve soil quality and prevent erosion.

  • Reduce the use of chemicals.

  • Protect wildlife.

  • Ensure the welfare of workers and their families.

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